Red & White Fashion Show 2K19 HighLight

Red & White Designing Institute successfully completed The Fashion Show 2k19. We are very thankful to all guests to visit and appreciate our show and all the audience to maintain discipline and encourage our students. One big thanks to all faculty members and staff as well volunteers of Red & White family to maintain the big responsibility of managing our show and without all of you it can’t be possible. Red & White wishing this support all the time from you and thankful to you always.


The theme refers to the upper part where the #lower part should be, in or into the inverted position. Once we were given an element “#upside down” and we had to use that #element in our #garment. It served as an #inspiration for us to go forward with Upside Down as our theme. We started looking for #designers and artists who have #already been working on this theme and created our own collection using different silhouettes. We have used fabric #manipulation for #textures. We have used #sky #blue and #shades of green in our color palette



#Doodle art is a fun way to draw an original design with cute and childlike characters or random and abstract patterns.

I always like to draw without no reason as well as without meaning. I used to do that on the wall and paper. From there, I decided to take that art as my theme which is called #Doodle Art.

I began #research for Doodle art, and I found an artist who is known as #Mr.Doodle.

Mr. Doodle is a doodler from #England. His work consumes walls, furniture and many surfaces almost like a #virus.

We have placed doodle art in out #silhouettes. #Moreover, we have dyed cords in #different colors for #embellishment.

We have used shades of #blue, #yellow and #cream in our color palette.



#Organic means produced by using #natural materials, without artificial chemicals. The word organico is a Spanish word for Organic. My journey started from #exhibition wherein my theme was “Nature and Manmade”. I had used leaves in my collection which are natural and used water to get the skeleton of the leaves. The whole process was organic and there wasn’t any chemical used. Then and there, I made up my mind to go #further with the same concept and finalized Organico as my theme. We started our research on natural yarns, threads, fabrics and organic colors. We have used muslin and malmal as the base #fabric and for dying, we have used food products. For red and pink color: beetroot and pomegranate For yellow and orange color: palash flowers For green color: vegetable chlorophyll For purple color: purple cabbage


Red & white Fashion Show 2k19-NEWS

#fashion show organized by Red & White Designing institute #surat…. #agnimitrapaul

Exhibition of fashion and interior design By Red & White Multimedia Education's Students #rnwan

Red & white Designing Institute had arranged an Exhibition of fashion and interior design at Science Center, Surat on 23rd and 24th February where 100 + students were participated and showed their creativity and presented their garments as well interior products. Mayor of Surat, Dr. Jagdish Patel had visited our exhibition and appreciated our students work as well encouraged all the students.

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