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At Red and White Designing Institute a variety of courses are offered to make the students ready to meet the practical challenges that are faced on the job. Some of our key features are as follows:

Mentors play a vital role. Each and every successful individual has learnt some or the other things from the proven mentors of the industry. We at Red and White Designing Institute provide training to our students with the help of experts from the industry. This helps the students to win over their fears and get answers to maximum questions regarding the industry. It helps as the morale booster that can change the views of students and make the path crystal clear.


Make a Student Completely Ready for Industry

During the period of the course the students are moulded and guided in such a way that they are ready to adapt to the professional world. The atmosphere in which they study is made in such a way that the students are ready to enter he industry immediately after completing the courses.

Parents trust us to be a guiding light in the path of their child’s goal. We at Red and White Institute focus keenly on the development of our students. Our teaching methods depend on the learning pattern of the student. Inculcating knowledge through modern means is our strength. Parents can see the change in their child studying with us. Hence they trust us; they rely on us and we DELIVER their EXPECTATIONS.


Practical Learning is the Pillar Our Education System

Teaching a farmer to grow a crop for him is more important than just feeding him. That is what we believe in. We have practical learning set-up made for students due to which they don’t feel new in this competitive market. Digital leaning and on field training and other such methods help us to make our students PERFORMERS.

Courses Offered in Fashion and Interior Designing with University Degree and Diploma Certificates

For working in any industry one individual needs proper documentary evidence along with practical knowledge and we provide Six Months’ Certificate Course in Fashion, One Year Interior Designing Course, BSc in Fashion Designing, Etc. Our Courses and Certificates help a student to prove his/her mettle in the industry.

Our Faculty

Hitesh Desai

Hitesh Desai

Head of Multimedia Education

Hasmukh Rafaliya

Head of Designing Institute

parth shiyani

Parth Shiyani

Head of Designing Institute

gopi Ma'am

Gopi Ma’am

Center Head


Bhagwati Ma’am

Fashion Trainer

Barkha Ma’am

Fashion Trainer


Umesh Sir

Interior Trainer


Rasmika Ma’am

Fashion Trainer

Dhruv Sir

Interior Trainer

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