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    Learn the art of fashion designing course from leading fashion designing institute located in Surat. Right from Drawing classes, garment construction, clothing construction, and illustration sketching. There are multiple fashion Designing courses in Surat. However, we are unique from others as we go in deep with all fashion designing course modules. Practical exposure is one thing we focus the most, and our qualified trainer will make expert you via practical training and industry visits.

    Fashion is an act of collective art that presents the views and ideas of creativity. If you have the power of creativity, imaginative, and charm of style, then join to fashion designing institute. Fashion designing is the most immerging career option for you ever. It is the most expanded field now in the textile and garment industry and mostly in the city, Surat, which is the textile hub of India. We have evolved into a full-fledged industry today, so designing is a creative and exciting career option with our traditional textile and garments trade-in surat.

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    Proudly I can say that Red & White is my second home. I am fashion designing student and its 3rd year about to finish. I felt that I changed myself totally in a professionally n personally. Our faculties are most supportive in each field n very positive also management of institute is very high..I can give 10 on 10😊 I am so proud to be a student of Red & White Designing Institute!! _Tejas Jargaliya,

    Student of Fashion Designing

    Hi, I am ashwin
    I was an Fashion design student from red and white multimedia education, there was the best faculty staff to teach software & good environment at lab & class.

    _Ashwin Ladumore

    Student of Fashion Designing

    My self Dhara dudhat. Student from Red &white institute in fashion design in bsc. Student. I like this institute very much. Because faculty’s are good in this institute and give new ideas. _Dhara Dudhat

    Student of Fashion Designing

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    How to start a career in Fashion Designing?

    How to start a career in Fashion Designing?

    Fashion design is one of the world's most imaginative and sought-after occupations. It is particularly suited to those who take pleasure in studying fashion trends, creating patterns, and coming up with innovative, creative ideas for the fashion industry. It takes...

    How to start a career in Fashion Designing?

    How to start a career in Fashion Designing?

    Here are some things that keep in mind when starting a career in Fashion Designing :Fashion Designing is a career related to the fashion industry, which requires no intro. Entering the fashion industry has always been the ambition of several young fashionistas. What...

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    Information About Fashion Designing Course And Institute In Surat

    Our institute is the first preference for students to learn various fashion art of technology, because of its ability of services and working method. Our institute is full of digital technology and all type of accessories for designing work. And we also believe in celebrating our passion for student’s success. There is more course module that you will come across like Garments Construction and clothing construction. At the same time, classes are conducted in fashion designing courses in Surat, which is approved by the government and affiliated university.we have three types of course based duration like the short term and long term courses based on industry requirements which are as follows.

    Fashion Designing 1 Year 

    This course offers you to learn design concept and development of Indian and western fashion style. You will learn different techniques of fashion illustration with traditional and modern techniques. in this course you learn about basic design, fashion sketching and illustration, drafting &pattern; making, history of fashion, all types of wear costumes design, garment construction, live modelling, a workshop on design, factory visit and fashion show. During the course, u will create a portfolio which showcases your talent and your creativity.

    After completion, of course, you will be able to research, design, and produce all type of garments and costumes.

    12 months program

    This certificate is given by Rabindranath Tagore University

    Qualification required: minimum SSC (10th pass) or equivalent 10 years of education

    3 Year in Fashion Designing Course

    These courses cover all aspects of drawing illustration, garment designing, surface ornamentation color concept, merchandising etc. this course divided in three parts
    In first part you learn about study area, skill related, garments construction, live modelling, liberal art, research & practical, career and projects, modelling, and range development these all are basic requirements of fashion design.

    In second part you learn about history of costumes, fashion trends, fashion illustration, embroidery design, textile science, and draping.

    In last and third part u learn successful fashion designer strategies, how to be successful fashion designer, presentation of an entire line on fabric, advance draping &pattern; grading, design development, workshop, fashion photography, fashion makeup and styling. This course will help you learn various drawing styles and techniques in the content of fashion. After completion of course you will be able to research, design, and produce all type of garments and costumes.

    Illustration & Sketching Courses

    Illustration is the best way to understand any subject and object. It is the art of communicating fashion ideas in a visual form that originates with drawing. It is the visual aid through which the design is explained in the fashion field. Many illustrations that explain fashion have been in existence since the time clothes have been existence. Thus illustrations have played importance role in the evolution of fashion. In many institutions serving in educating fashion illustration play the lead role, through it the practitioners do practice fashion designs. Illustration is something that requires expert hands of designer, without which the illustration could not be presented in its best form. It is very important to draw in such a way in which it each and every angle of the illustration should look real, including all elements of fashion object.
    All these factors play a very important role in making the illustration look real, presentable and more attractive. Only an artist could prepare a masterpiece, hence an artist who is working on fashion designs should have deep knowledge about illustration and how illustration is created. The art of fashion drawing itself will ever die, no matter how advance technology gets. Illustrating is and always will be important because it gets the idea out of your brain and makes it real on paper. That’s why illustration is an important skill for a designer to have.


    Stitching is basically a process to join two parts of clothes in a single loop by yarn and needle. It’s an art of fashion design development theory, without stitching u can’t complete any design. Stitching is combined elements of sewing, knitting, crochet, and embroidery work making by hand or machine. Once u have completed a structure of your design on paper, after that u need to represent its in stitches.
    It is an art for any design to show some new extra abilities. There are many types of stitching like back stitching, overcast stitching, cross stitching, chain stitching, knot stitching, blanket stitching, lock stitching, over lock stitching, etc. Any designers have must deep knowledge about stitching and its all methods and types, after it they can give a best structural product with unique designs. In this modern time period, we uses machines for do this, but how many stitches are used in it and in which shape, its depend on designer’s stitch structure, which is created in sketch design.

    Why Choose Us?

    If you want to make an impressive career in fashion designing filed a finding best fashion designing courses in surat than please visit one time at Red & White Designing Institute because it’s surat No :1 Fashion Designing Institute Awarded by Indian fashion designer Agni Mitra paul.